Miles & Muyi

As first-time dog owners my wife and I were somewhat unprepared for the multifaceted experience of caring for a puppy. Our 4-month-old Mini Australian Shepherd Yuzu, while good-tempered, was developing some bad habits on the leash (eating things off the ground and leash-pulling). Additionally, we felt that in order to be responsible owners we should have a watertight toolkit for training her in fundamental behaviors that every dog should have––both indoors and out. After trying and failing to teach Yuzu from a diversity of mediocre dog training YouTube videos, we decided to pull the trigger and hire Vicky to provide her expertise.
I would be understating if I said that we couldn’t be happier with Vicky’s work and the results she delivered with Yuzu. Aside from being an all-around wonderful human being who truly has a special connection with animals, Vicky did a perfect job identifying Yuzu’s needs and making sure that we, her humans, are capable of providing effective training for the rest of her life. After four sessions, Yuzu is now a well-behaved walker and listens attentively to commands such as “sit,” “lay down,” “stay,” “drop it,” “go to crate,” “come” and many more. We were amazed at how quickly Vicky was able to correct our mistakes and put Yuzu on a path toward success (and Yuzu loved every second of it).
We are confident that as long as you are willing to put in the work required to effectively train your dog, Vicky will be there every step of the way to provide everything you need to transform them into most well behaved pup in town––big, small, young old, calm, hyper. 10/10, 5 stars, 100%, A+. Whatever your needs, she will deliver. You won’t regret it, and neither will your pup.


Karl & Nantida

My girlfriend found Vicky Ortiz online right after adopting our dog, Max, from the shelter.  Max showed signs of extreme anxiety like nothing I’d seen or heard of before.  We couldn’t figure out what to do even though both my girlfriend and I had spent a lot of time around other dogs.

Vicky was able to deal with his difficult situation and over the following weeks Max learned basic commands. Beyond the commands, Vicky figured out that Max’s behavior was anxiety ans not aggresion even though what he was doing often looked like aggresion. she helped us understand what was causing this ans also gave us tools to deal with it.

One thing I especially appreciated is that Vicky is focused. She will teach your dog specific basic commands in an organized way. Once she finishes with that in five weeks the lessons end.

It’s been a few months now since Max graduated from basic training and he’s become a fairly calm dog that gets along well with other dogs and people. This probably would not have happened without Vicky.


Christopher & Kristen

Vicky was an absolute delight to work with and trained our dog very well.  Our sweet Stella adored Vicky and was so excited every week when she came by.  We were always impressed with how Vicky could teach Stella a new command each week within minutes.  We would then reinforce the command and practice with Stella ourselves.  For the last half hour of the lesson we would take Stella for a walk and Vicky would observe and provide general pointers for us.  This was invaluable and really showed us the benefit of using Vicky rather than relying on some YouTube training videos.  She had so many tips, tricks, and recommendations for us on ways to walk with Stella and how to improve her behavior.  
Then when we were all done with our lessons Vicky provided Stella with the sweetest graduation complete with diploma and cap for pictures.  

We could not recommend Vicky any more highly for dog training. A+++


Alyssa & Nick

Vicky is a wonderful dog trainer. Her personality is warm, friendly and open. From the minute we met her virtually for our consultation, she immediately provided easy, actionable tips we could start implementing. Following that, we did three in person training sessions with her and gained so much from each – from reinforcing basic commands (come, stay, etc.), to improving leash training, to “go to place” – her guidance was invaluable. Our 4.5 month old puppy, Penny, absolutely loved her and Vicky gave us the tools needed to effectively train her. Penny learned so much in only 3 sessions – we are so grateful for Vicky!



Vicky is not only a great dog trainer, but also a great person. We contacted her for help with our four-month-old puppy and she got back to us right away. We had a great consultation call with her and then determined a plan. 

We have a poodle mix breed who is very smart and often stubborn. We knew that we needed help to make sure we were on the same page with training in order to actually train the dog. Vicky helped us make sure we were using consistent hand signals and training methods. Our dog also had some leash waking issues and separation anxiety. Vicky was very patient with our dog and sent us several resources and gave us tips to help fix the issues. I’d highly recommend!



Sarah & Joshua

Vicky is the best! She is patient, friendly, and our pup loves her! We reached out to Vicky after seeing the great reviews here and she absolutely met our expectations. We wanted someone to help us with basic training and walking/pulling for our rescue pup and the difference week by week was incredible.  Vicky also gave us great recommendations about feeding, engaging our young kids with our new dog and other random questions. It was worth every penny and we will be hiring her for more services in the future.



Vicky is incredible! She was patient, caring, and fun to work with. She not only has magic dog whispering skills but she’s willing to share her secrets! Our pup and entire family learned a ton from her, and it’s truly impressive how much better behaved and how well trained he is in just 5 weeks. Highly recommend!!


Kris & Dan

Vicky is such an amazing trainer. She worked so well with our Australian Labradoodle pup. It was so on point to train at 3 1/2-4 months. Our Sherman was responsive in every session and remains a magnificent dog. We can’t praise Vicky enough.



Vicky is an excellent trainer. She really loves dogs and that comes across in her dealings with Pebbles. She helped with leash training and basic obedience commands. She also has very helpful advice on any problem areas. I would definitely recommend her!



Vicky is an amazing dog trainer. She is very passionate and patient, you can tell her love for dogs. I’m so happy I found her on my search for puppy basic training. She helped with basic commands and leash walking. I highly recommend her to family and friends.



Vicky was an amazing trainer and thought my husband and I great tools to consistently work with our dog after the training is over.  It was clear that with Vickys help, doing our homework every day would teach our Boston, Levon, that we were all in this together.  I would definitely recommend Vicky to my friends and family!



Vicky was a great trainer for our Teddy . Four weeks of training . He can sit, lay down, stay, look at me. He learned to walk on a leash and greet new puppies. She helped us take him to a dog park too . Teddy loved Vicky and her training.



I’m so grateful for Vicky’s training expertise and I’m so happy to have found her. Her training has helped Jack become a much calmer dog and it’s been amazing to see his progress. I appreciate her thoughtful approach to dog training and feel really good knowing that we’re teaching Jack to be a better behaved dog using positive reinforcement techniques.



After rescuing our 2 year old dog, Maria we realized we needed help with basic obedience and behavior issues. We were lucky enough to find Vicky (you may have seen her walking her yellow and chocolate labs in the park). She was able to help with basic obedience training, but also went above and beyond by bringing her own dog to our house to help socialize our dog.
Vicky is currently our dog walker. She’s helped our dog make neighborhood dog friends and is always on time, reliable, and completely trustworthy. Most importantly, she really loves and cares about dogs.


Val & Jill

My wife and I reached out to Vicky to get some basic obedience training for our 1-year-old male rescue dog. Before Vicky arrived, he didn’t know basic commands like come, sit, down, stay. After just a few sessions he knows them all. She observed us with our dog–at home, on walks and interacting with other dogs. We practiced real-life scenarios like when guests arrive at the house or when your dog suddenly goes crazy over a squirrel. Having some basic control over him has eased our nerves (and his) and has brought more peace to both home life and walks.
Vicky is incredibly warm, knowledgeable, dependable and kind. She has a wealth of experience with a variety of animals, not just dogs, and more than helping us with obedience training, she’s broadened our understanding of our rescue, which has made our whole family feel more connected.
We highly recommend Vicky and her services!


Kristin & Troy

Vicky truly helped us to begin working and communicating with our dog Benja when we adopted him over the past year as a young adult with little or not training. Benja came from a shelter upstate, where we live part time, and was stressed out and had never experienced the busy pace and intensity of city life. Vicky helped us all to calm down, learn basic skills and nurtured a new confidence about working with Benja, despite his initial behavorial challenges and reactivity. She gave us perfect assignments to work on each week and with dedication we all grew from our practice together. Soon enough we were able to make great gains during daily walks, house behavior, focusing skills and even gradual introduction to other dogs, thanks to working our first time with Vicky’s dog Bono!
Vicky is professional, timely, resourceful and deeply caring. I would recommend her, with no hesitation, to anyone with a new dog, whether it be a puppy or adult with specific challenges. We are grateful!


Laura & Rob

We came across Vicky when looking for a dog trainer for our 5-month-old Boston terrier. She is very friendly and easy to schedule. Her first visit was an evaluation of our puppy and any issues we were having so she could put together a plan. The first few training sessions we worked on basic commands like sit, down, come, stay. Our dog learned them very quickly so we could also go outside and work on walking him (leash pulling/distracted walker). Her tips were very helpful, and she was very good at getting ounr dog to behave. The last visit she brought her two dogs so we could work on our dogs barking and behavior in a real-live scenario. It was great we were able to do this with her dogs and learn some techniques to help with this. Overall, we are very satisfied and would gladly recommend Vicky to anybody looking for a dog trainer.



Vicky was a great trainer for our rescue pup, Penny, who at the time was around six months old. Penny had an unfortunately rough start in life and it takes her a very long time to warm up to new people. Vicky was super patient with her and won her over in her first visit to our home. After evaluating Penny’s needs, Vicky set up a training plan that was accommodating to our needs and our hectic schedule. After a few weeks, Penny knew all her basic commands and we got great tips for helping her come out of her shell and enjoy her new home.



Vicky is the best and truly helped me with all aspects of dog training.  More than just training the dog, Vicky was able to show me all the tips and tricks it would take to be a successful owner of an obedient dog.  I would recommend Vicky to any first time dog owner or even an experienced owner just looking to make some improvements.

Banker & Willy

Marissa, Tom & Camille

Having elderly cats is not the easiest, especially when they start to require medication. Vicky managed to quickly earn the trust and love of our two cats. We know that when we’re away, our cats are in safe hands with Vicky. Always reliable, professional and caring, I highly recommend Vicky to care for your pets!



Vicky  has been fantastic , she has been walking and training my rescued pitbull for over five months and my dog is doing great, well behaved and obedient.
I highly recommend her services, she’s the best.

Mimi & Daisy


Vicky has been a lifesaver for me when traveling. We have two very needy cats, and Vicky is incredibly reliable and wonderful with them. One of my cats needs medication, and it’s great to know she will be well taken care of while I’m away. Vicky’s also great about sending lots of pictures so I don’t miss them too much.



I had a last minute situation arise where I needed a dog walker on very short notice. Vicky was extremely professional, punctual and sent me multiple pics of my boy happily rolling through the park.
Buddy is a 100+ lb. Rottweiler who doesn’t like other dogs, but Vicky handled him like the pro that she is!

Otto & June

Ellen & Ty

Vicky is a fantastic dog walker and trainer. She regularly walks our two dachshunds and treats them like they are her own. She is very communicative and consistent, and I always feel confident leaving my dogs with her. I know she gives them plenty of exercise and attention, and I can tell that my dogs love her. I would highly recommend Vicky.

Bear, Coco & Kitty


Vicky watched my dogs while I was on holiday in Japan. She first got to know my dogs and how they were set up in my house then made some valuable suggestions which I still follow to this day. And my dogs are a lot happier for it. She took such great care of my babies and kept me up to date while I was away so I never worried. Highly recommend Vicky!!



Vicky has been looking after my Luna for 3 years now whenever I am away. She is attentive, plays with her, and sends me pics on every visit. I have complete faith and trust in her and am never worried. She is a gem and I highly recommend her. She will take great care of your pet!

Lucas, Sophia & Nikky


I have cats and know when Vicky comes to take care of them they are getting the best care.  She spends time with them and takes great photos so their Mom knows everything is ok.  If you are looking for someone to take great care of your four legged family members Vicky is the person to contact.



Vicky is a great teacher! She worked with me and my six month old puppy, Kensie, over the course of a few weeks. She was extremely accommodating to my schedule, and very friendly. By continuing her exercises and training at home, my puppy has completely transformed! I would recommend Vicky to everyone.



Vicky Ortiz is great! She was training my mixed breed Sophia and also helped me with my pitbull Frankie. Sophia would bark at everything and pull on the leash and Vicky taught me ways to fix that. She taught me different techniques on how to walk her. I would recommend Vicky to anyone who needs some help with their pups. She truly cares and wants to help your dog become better!


Enrico & Arianna

Vicky is a professional, reliable and passionate person. She loves her job and she loves the dogs. She always helps us with Toffee and Toffee loves going to walk with her, she is always an happy dog with Vicky! I recommend her to everyone!!
I want to thank you, Vicky, for your great job!


Laura & Harry

Vicky has looked after our tabby, Kiki over the past 2 years. She is very responsive, trustworthy and we have no doubt Kiki is in good hands when we are away from home. We appreciate Vicky’s daily check-ins and photos – she is great at keeping us updated and is an excellent photographer 🙂

We have recommended Vicky to some of our friends in the area and they love her too!



Vicky has been such a lifesaver for us when it comes to our baby Ethel. Ethel doesn’t go to anyone, but every time Vicky visits she’s able to get a great picture and send to us to let us know she’s fine. She always shows when she is supposed to, and gives me instant feedback if anything seems off. We are so thankful we found Vicky!!


Freddy & Adrianna

Highly recommend Vicky to help train your dog. She was a great teacher for our 5 month old puppy. She was very flexible with our schedule and traveled to Paulus Hook to train Bernie. Her technique was easy and fun, we followed her direction and he turned out to be a well behaved and friendly dog.



Vicky is a true professional! It only took 4 sessions to fully train Ziggy. Life is so much easier now. Thank you Vicky!



Vicky was great with my dog Mojo and helped us learn and understand more about each other’s body language and reactions. She is very patient and has great respect and knowledge for animals. Thank you so much!

Lloyd and Alfie


Vicky is amazing! She looks after our cats Lloyd and Alfie like they are her own and they love her. She plays with them, takes awesome pics and communicates with us while we’re away so we always have peace of mind. She’s the best!

Mr. Mix and Pickle


Vicky has been my cat sitter for over a year. She is amazing! I know when I’m away my cats are in good hands. I love that she sends pictures at every visit. It is nice to see my kitties when I’m missing them.


Ben & Victoria

Vicky is the best! With her help, our nervous terrier is transforming into a kinder, gentler, better-behaved pup. We feel grateful and lucky that she’s in our lives! Highly, highly recommend.



Not only is Vicky an awesome trainer, our youngest rescued pup now knows: come here, sit, down and stay, she is also a spectacular walker! She walks our pampered pooches for us when we need to stay work late or just want a well-deserved date night. We come home to smiling, fed and tired pooches! Vicky is highly recommended by us and the community. Give her a call and for all your dog training and walking needs!


Johnnathan & Cindy

Very professional on everything she does, she trained my puppy in 5 sessions and the results are great, highly recommended. Great person.



Vicky helped us train our dog Pablo. He used to pull on the lead and was very strong, wanting to do whatever he wanted. Very quickly, Vicky who came recommended, trained Pablo to be calm and not to pull. Vicky taught me too, as well as Pablo. He is now a calm, very obedient dog, thanks to Vicky.



It takes a special kind of person to be a “Dog Whisperer” and Vicky Ortiz can communicate with both you and your animal friends. She understands the most compassionate and functional methods for teaching good animal behavior. She is the best!


Teeth-ee M.

When it comes to dog training, loads of people claim to be the expert, but Vicky Ortiz is exceptional. She was always on time, never missed a session and was very lenient when it came to working around my schedule. Vicky is patient, articulate and did a good job training me as well as my dog Coconut. All the sessions were focused on building skills and making us ready to continue training on our own.

She pointed out what the problem was and showed me how to modify it. Coconut was very aggressive towards my mother ever since he was a puppy, Thanks to Vicky they now have a better relationship. I would recommend her a million times!


Eve & Mike Sch.

Vicky is a pro! I mean…her dogs hold each other leashes in their mouths. Isn’t that enough proof?

From the moment we met Vicky, we knew that not only could we trust her, but that our pooch could trust her as well. Through our work together, Vicky has shown us what it takes to establish boundaries, be a calming influence and to have fun with our dog. A lot of it is about training the human! 

Recently, we had a large group of friends over and received multiple comments on how calm our dog has gotten. We couldn’t have had such amazing results without the added bonus of her helping us maintain consistent behavior on his walks. If you’re looking for someone who will love your dog as much as you do, give Vicky a call.


Pedro Miguel E.

My name is Pedro Miguel and I have a beagle called Skuvver. When my dog was 3 months old, I decided to train him because I heard beagles are very restless dogs. So I looked for help and found out about Vicky Ortiz. Skuvver and me had 36 trainning classes and we learned a lot of exercises. The most important part of the classes was that Skuvver not only learned new exercises but also he could socialize with other dogs that Vicky was training and he could walk with all of them.

The exercises Skuvver learned were: come, sit, down, stay in sit and in down, hand target, look at me, spins in both sides, paw, hi five, walk together without pulling, etc.

Vicky Ortiz, not only helped Skuvver, she also taught me how to understand my dog and how to train him to get a better experience for both. She taught me several tips to improve my relationship with my dog and it helped him grow up as a happy and stable dog. I totally recommend the training program from VODT!!!


Mónica J.

Love and firmness in education was something I learned thanks to my friend Vicky Ortiz, my dog Hachi’s teacher. Her teachings were not only reflected in Hachi’s improvement, but also I am convinced on a daily basis with Luna my daughter. Thanks Vicky for being in crucial moments of my life, our lives!!!

Luna & Junior

Isabel A.

Vicky Ortiz Dog Training is the best thing I could experience in dog care. I will be your client whenever I need accommodation for Junior and Luna, because I was completely satisfied and very calm to know that they are with Vicky. Also with VODT, Junior one of my dogs had his minute of fame because Vicky took him to her tv program to talk about responsible adoption.  Many thanks to Vicky Ortiz Dog Training a fully recommended service!!!


Susy P.

Vicky has the gift of harmonizing the character not only of our dogs but also the owners. She taught us to be patient, persistent and above all to give love in the dog language. I totally recommend her to any who need help with their puppies.


Carmen Lu P.

I thank Vicky for her help teaching me how to have a better relationship with my dog Inti. There were things I couldn’t have done without her and now almost 3 years later my relationship with Inti is great and we enjoy every minute of our life together. Vicky is the best option when dog training is about.


Maria Fernanda V.

Vicky Ortiz Dog Training LLC, was a blessing for our family. She is very professional and trained. Vicky helped us correct Nena’s behavior, taught us the right way to take her for walks and also taught her some exercises like sitting, staying still, etc., which helps us a lot especially when we go to the park. Thank you Vicky Ortiz !!


Jorge J.

Thanks to Vicky’s knowledge, Paco travels with me on the bus, accompanies me to classes at the university and above all people love him for his behavior and character.


Leslie R.

Vicky has been in my cockapoo puppy’s life since the beginning and i must say that because of her he is the best behaved puppy ever. She is not only caring but consistent, reliable and always available which is important for this process.


Olga M.

I have found Vicky to be extremely trustworthy, dedicated, and a generally great person. She is kind, generous, and one of the most pleasant people to work with, Thank you so much Vicky!


Lorraine R.

Vicky is dedicated, pleasant, and reliable. I feel very lucky to have found her. My dog loves going for his walks with Vicky and her labs. I recommend her highly.


Kunjan Sh.

Vicky is a sweet, reliable dog walker who walks my pup five days a week. I’d recommend her to anyone and everyone. She’s kind, trustworthy and checks in after every walk to let me know how it went. Max loves her.  Five stars!


Nancy y Albert P.

Vicky your work with Ella has been awesome! She is walking like a champ. Thanks for training her and us!!


Johanna P.

Thanks Vicky Ortiz. You helped us a lot with Belha. Now it is easier to coexist with her and that makes us completely happy!!!

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