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Vicky is an ecuadorian biologist who since childhood had an affinity with animals, especially dogs. Her dream was always to be able to communicate, help and work with them.

In 2008, Vicky did an intensive study about the world of dogs. She continued to take many courses, seminaries and workshops that taught her Ethology, dog behavior and training in Ecuador, Colombia and Chile.

In 2009, Vicky completed the “International Certification for Animal Assisted Therapy” at the Universidad Mayor de Santiago de Chile through the Fundación Bocalán in Chile. This is one of the most prestigious awards in “Animal Assisted Therapy and Training.”

Vicky opened her own dog training business, Mano Amiga – Dejando Huella in Quito & Cuenca – Ecuador in 2009. She worked with and trained over sixty dogs from different ages and breeds. In addition, she worked as a volunteer with her dogs in the Institute for Psycho-therapeutic Education for Children in Quito and provided dog assistance therapies for children and youth. She was interviewed on television and radio about her work and was invited to do several seminars throughout Ecuador about “Animal Assisted Therapy.”

In 2013, she moved to Jersey City, New Jersey and continued her work with dogs. Her two Labradors, Núa and Bono, became registered as certified service dogs. In 2015 she graduated from Rising Tide Capital – Community Business Academy, where she learned more about business planning and management. This prepared her to open: Vicky Ortiz Dog Training & Pet Services. Since 2016 she and her dogs have volunteered for Creature Comfort Pet Therapy and have assisted at many senior and youth disability centers. Vicky and her dogs have accompanied students taking exams and travelers in airports to help ease their stressful situations.


Vicky considers dogs to be people’s best friends, not only because they help us with health and security issues but because they are unconditional loving companions.

Vicky Ortiz Dog Training & Pet Services’s mission is to help people relate to their dogs in a positive way. She provides the tools to improve the relationship, communication skills and understanding between the owners and their pets.

Vicky Ortiz Dog Training & Pet Services believes there are many methods to teach and train dogs. The objective is to tailor the training for each unique animal and find the correct combination of methodologies according the dogs and their companion’s needs.

Her focus is on the dog, although she believes that it is important that the pet owner understands and takes responsibility for their own dog’s training. This is why she requests the presence of the owner during the whole training process.

Her service starts with an evaluation of the dog and the companion to determine the situation and decide the positive reinforcement program which will work best. A program that Vicky Ortiz Dog Training & Pet Services believes will lead to a path of success. Vicky wants dog owners to become more like dogs, the best friends of their best friends.

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