Teeth-ee M.- Coconut

When it comes to dog training, loads of people claim to be the expert, but Vicky Ortiz is exceptional. She was always on time, never missed a session and was very lenient when it came to working around my schedule. Vicky is patient, articulate and did a good job training me as well as my dog Coconut. All the sessions were focused on building skills and making us ready to continue training on our own.

She pointed out what the problem was and showed me how to modify it. Coconut was very aggressive towards my mother ever since he was a puppy, Thanks to Vicky they now have a better relationship. I would recommend her a million times!


Eve B. & Mike Sch.- Rollins

Vicky is a pro! I mean…her dogs hold each other leashes in their mouths. Isn’t that enough proof?

From the moment we met Vicky, we knew that not only could we trust her, but that our pooch could trust her as well. Through our work together, Vicky has shown us what it takes to establish boundaries, be a calming influence and to have fun with our dog. A lot of it is about training the human! 

Recently, we had a large group of friends over and received multiple comments on how calm our dog has gotten. We couldn't have had such amazing results without the added bonus of her helping us maintain consistent behavior on his walks. If you're looking for someone who will love your dog as much as you do, give Vicky a call.



Pedro Miguel E.- Skuvver

My name is Pedro Miguel and I have a beagle called Skuvver. When my dog was 3 months old, I decided to train him because I heard beagles are very restless dogs. So I looked for help and found out about Vicky Ortiz. Skuvver and me had 36 trainning classes and we learned a lot of exercises. The most important part of the classes was that Skuvver not only learned new exercises but also he could socialize with other dogs that Vicky was training and he could walk with all of them.

The exercises Skuvver learned were: come, sit, down, stay in sit and in down, hand target, look at me, spins in both sides, paw, hi five, walk together without pulling, etc.

Vicky Ortiz, not only helped Skuvver, she also taught me how to understand my dog and how to train him to get a better experience for both. She taught me several tips to improve my relationship with my dog and it helped him grow up as a happy and stable dog. I totally recommend the training program from VODT!!!


Mónica J.- Hachi

Love and firmness in education was something I learned thanks to my friend Vicky Ortiz, my dog Hachi’s teacher. Her teachings were not only reflected in Hachi's improvement, but also I am convinced on a daily basis with Luna my daughter. Thanks Vicky for being in crucial moments of my life, our lives!!!


Monica J.- Hachi
Isabel A.- Junior y Luna

Isabel A.- Junior & Luna

Vicky Ortiz Dog Training is the best thing I could experience in dog care. I will be your client whenever I need accommodation for Junior and Luna, because I was completely satisfied and very calm to know that they are with Vicky. Also with VODT, Junior one of my dogs had his minute of fame because Vicky took him to her tv program to talk about responsible adoption.  Many thanks to Vicky Ortiz Dog Training a fully recommended service!!!



Susy P.-Emma

Vicky has the gift of harmonizing the character not only of our dogs but also the owners. She taught us to be patient, persistent and above all to give love in the dog language. I totally recommend her to any who need help with their puppies.


Susy P.-Emma
Carmen Lu P.- Inti

Carmen Lu P.- Inti

I thank Vicky for her help teaching me how to have a better relationship with my dog Inti. There were things I couldn’t have done without her and now almost 3 years later my relationship with Inti is great and we enjoy every minute of our life together. Vicky is the best option when dog training is about.


María Fernanda V.-Nena

Vicky Ortiz Dog Training LLC, was a blessing for our family. She is very professional and trained. Vicky helped us correct Nena's behavior, taught us the right way to take her for walks and also taught her some exercises like sitting, staying still, etc., which helps us a lot especially when we go to the park. Thank you Vicky Ortiz !!


María Fernanda Vargas-Nena

Jorge J.- Paco

Thanks to Vicky's knowledge, Paco travels with me on the bus, accompanies me to classes at the university and above all people love him for his behavior and character.


Leslie R.- Marco

Vicky has been in my cockapoo puppy's life since the beginning and i must say that because of her he is the best behaved puppy ever. She is not only caring but consistent, reliable and always available which is important for this process. 



Leslie R.- Marco
Olga M.- Canelo

Olga M.-Canelo

I have found Vicky to be extremely trustworthy, dedicated, and a generally great person. She is kind, generous, and one of the most pleasant people to work with, Thank you so much Vicky!


Lorraine R.- Leo

Vicky is dedicated, pleasant, and reliable. I feel very lucky to have found her. My dog loves going for his walks with Vicky and her labs. I recommend her highly.


Lorraine R.- Leo

Kunjan Sh.-Max

Vicky is a sweet, reliable dog walker who walks my pup five days a week. I'd recommend her to anyone and everyone. She's kind, trustworthy and checks in after every walk to let me know how it went. Max loves her.  Five stars!



Nancy y Albert P.- Ella

Vicky your work with Ella has been awesome! She is walking like a champ. Thanks for training her and us!!


nancy y Alberth
Johanna P.- Belha

Johanna P.- Belha

Thanks Vicky Ortiz. You helped us a lot with Belha. Now it is easier to coexist with her and that makes us completely happy!!!