Every training program starts with an evaluation of both the dog and the companion. This evaluation serves as a basis for Vicky Ortiz Dog Training (VODT) to get to know her client and the dog, to have an overall understanding of their relationship and to decide which training program will be the most useful to focus on their needs.

The Vicky Ortiz Dog Training (VODT) programs are based on positive reinforcement and never on punishment. Experience has shown that positive reinforcement allows the dog to learn much faster, enjoy the training and improve their relationship with its companion. 

It is essential to have the presence of the companion at the training sessions because Vicky Ortiz Dog Training (VODT)‘s goal is to teach the companion how to train their own dog. That way they learn to communicate with their dog in the best possible manner. We encourage the client’s commitment to learn how to apply the lessons on their own.


This program is directed to dogs of all ages that have completed the Basic Training program. The session lasts 60 minutes in which your dog can learn more complicated exercises. It is designed as a program to stimulate and challenge your dog’s mind. Exercises such as opening doors, taking off clothing and shoes, turning lights on and off, giving and throwing objects and rolling over will encourage and engage your dog’s natural energy.