Why should I choose VODT?

Vicky Ortiz is a certified dog trainer with eight years of experience and has completed several courses in canine education, behavior and ethology. Vicky is a Dog Assisted Therapy Technician. She works as a volunteer for Creature Comfort Pet Therapy in New Jersey. 
Vicky Ortiz Dog Training LLC offers personalized attention. She works directly with you and your dog and focuses on your specific needs. Vicky treats all her dog students as if they were her own. Her primary concern is that each dog learns to do the training properly. (See testimonials)  
Vicky has two certified, well-trained and well-balanced therapy dogs, Núa and Bono, who on several occasions help her during the training process. (See pictures).


What type of training does VODT use?

All the programs that VODT offers are based on positive reinforcement. Experience has shown that positive reinforcement makes the dog learn faster, enjoy training and ultimately will improve the relationship with its owner.
It is important before the training starts to know what is the best motivators/rewards for your dog. It has to be something that your dog really loves. For example, high caliber treats or sausage, roast beef or liverwurst to encourage each dog to be motivated to want to learn. Dogs can also be rewarded with a toy, petting or words for a job well done.


What materials are needed for the classes?

If your dog is motivated by food, do not feed the dog at least two hours prior to the class. Treats should not be larger than a thumbnail and should be soft enough to swallow easily. If your dog is motivated by a particular toy, it should not be used except during training sessions.  
Additional tools include a dog collar with an ID, a Martingale-type collar, head-halter or body harness, a 4 - 6 foot nylon leash and treat pouch. Retractable leashes are not recommended.


How long does the training last?

The time and number of the classes can vary from dog to dog and client to client. At least 5 work sessions are recommended. Each class is one hour.


How do the training classes operate?

Each hour class is divided into three parts. The first part is the training. Your dog will learn new behaviors and practice the old ones. The second part is a guided walk.  In addition to the physical exercise, the dog will perform mental exercises such as not pulling on the leash, not crossing over from side to side and not growling at other dogs. The class ends with a guided game in which dogs have fun.


What vaccinations does the dog need to attend class? 

The rabies, influenza, distemper and parvo vaccine certificates must be submitted at the beginning of the training for the health and safety of all the dogs. Dogs must be free of fleas and ticks


Who has to attend the training class?

VODT’s goal is to teach each animal companion how to train their own dog. That is why Vicky encourage her clients to attend class. It is not recommended to have too many people in the class because it could interrupt the dog’s concentration and learning. Children may attend the class with supervision.


Is there a training guarantee?

The process of dog training takes teamwork. It depends on several variables that cannot be directly controlled. No professional trainer can give a 100% guarantee, however, VODT will teach you how to have a well-educated and balanced dog. VODT will be there to assist you and after the training process, she will be available to speak with you by phone if problems arise.


Where does VODT work?

Call (347) 603 2290 to find out if Vicky Ortiz Dog Training LLC services are available in your area. VODT travels to many homes in New Jersey.